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Rain Suit

Rain Suit

This is just the most fabulous suit

For anyone who is looking for a reason to go out into the rain. 

And for anyone who has to be out anyway, an irresistable reason to stay there.

It's a three-piece: 

  • Boxy jacket, robust zip, two fully flapped pockets at the front.
  • Overtrousers, powerful elastic at the waist, no fly. 
  • Hood, detachable, velcro fixings. 

But just look at the material. 

Beautifully finished rubber on both sides.

Blue rubber outside, black rubber inside. 

  • Authentic nose.
  • Authentic sussurrus. 
  • Authentic drape. 
  • Authentic feel.
  • Authentic Rajkumar !

Practical matters? They're covered. 

With the jacket reaching well below the top of the trousers the rain's only hope is to seep down the neck, where close closure at the collar and sturdy hood prevent ingress (so long as you keep your head). The suit is most excellently made, has taped seams, and when worn appropriately, carries a friendly and honest appearance...

Once you have the suit on - a thing of a moment only - you will certainly be horrified at the thought of ever taking it off.

Do not be concerned. 

This incredible ensemble converts (as illustrated) with the greatest of ease into the most charming pair of pyjamas. All you have to remember is to refrain from taking it off.

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