Mackintosh Sheeting

Mackintosh Sheeting

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Today's best healthcare facilities are taking further steps in providing maximum comfort and protection

for their patient's hospital stay. The maintenance of mattress in a healthcare environment is extremely import.

To cater the hygiene requirements of hospitals, RKD has developed the CE grade Mackintosh Sheeting (hospital rubber

Sheet ) that offers comfort durability and protection to contamination and infections.

RKD Hospital Rubber Cloth is manufactured from eco-friendly raw materials with rubber blend compounds 

laminated from both side.


  1. Comes handy where some water,blood and human excrete spills.
  2. Water proofness property prevents percolation of any fluids and protects mattress from occupants waste products.
  3. Extends the life of the underlying mattress
  4. Most effective when used on the upper part of the mattress
  5. Provides protection to the individual sleeping on the mattress from allergens and irritants like dust mites,bed bugs etc.

Length can be 2 mtrs or 4 mtrs or 10 mtrs or 30 mtrs.

It is available in Red/ Green or Red / Blue 

1. Price mentioned is per meter

2. Minimum purchase quantity: 2 meters. 

3. Shipping is included in the product price

Width: 90 or 110 cm 

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